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      Carl Angotti

      I belong to a non-profit that is formally hiring an employee. They would like to use an on-line service to handle payments and taxes. I have never personally used such a service. Do any of you know of one or two such services that seem OK, and are reasonably priced? Also, if you know, what is a reasonable price to pay for such a service.

      Thanks for your help.


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      Paul Lingane

      Carl. I use Payroll Etcetera for payroll and have been happy with them.
      They charge $55 per month for 2 people with 1 payroll per month. I use them because they work closely with my bookkeeping service so issues can be handled seamlessly. They are always responsive when I need adjustments (such as calculating how gross payroll needs to change to achieve a specific change to take home pay, or handling deposit paperwork every month for a 401k).
      Not sure what you mean by “online payroll service”. These people are a small shop in Vacaville – maybe 3 people.
      Hope this helps,

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      Paul Lingane

      One more thought Carl. I see that you got a response from CNSV listing 3 national payroll services. I used to use Paychex and was not particularly happy with them. I can’t recall the details from 15 years ago (they were more money and there was some screw up that had to be resolved), but there is an old philosophy that businesses work best together when they are both of similar size…

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