Question Regarding "Consultant Friendly" Brokers

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    Carl Angotti

    Hi Everyone,

    This is the first posting on our new Blog, and I hope it works OK.

    We are going to have an evening meeting soon that is slated to have a discussion about the appropriate uses of Brokers for Consultants. We hope to have a panel of Brokers (at least two) come to discuss how they work, trends in placements, etc. We might even have a member or two discuss experiences with Brokers, both positive and negative. This is all just in the planning stages as yet. As has been true lately, we would leave lots of time for questions, and comments by the attendees. We thought such a discussion would be interesting to both newer and seasoned consultants.

    The question is do any of you know any specific persons that are Brokers inside larger brokerage houses, or individuals, that are at least somewhat professional about working with consultants, and especially on a 1099 or “corp to corp basis”? This can include Expert Witness, technical and management placement houses, etc.

    Brokers, by my definition, do not participate in the project except for marketing and handling funds. They don’t give an assessment of the planning, execution and/or quality assurance of the project. These functions are performed by the consultant, or the hiring firm.

    Thanks in advance for any input you might have.

    Carl Angotti
    Angotti Product Development

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    Walt Maclay


    See if you could get someone from Oxford to talk. I can refer Jay Prince from CoreTechs, who I’m quite sure would talk. This would give you two very different companies who place consultants.


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      Carl Angotti

      Walt – There are such strong feeling about Oxford, and their approach. I presume you are referring to their Sunnvyale Office. Do you know any current names from there at all to start with.

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    Omar Fahmi Khalid

    Hi Carl,

    I’ve worked with many of those and there is this particular one, Modis, that I had the most favorable experience. There are 3 individuals there that I have worked closely with – good chance I can get one of them for the panel.

    I can forward the request.



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    Carl Angotti

    Omar – Thanks for your response. I have heard others speak of Modis. Please let me know when you get names, or if you give them to me, I can contact them.

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    Walt Maclay


    I don’t know anyone at Oxford. It wouldn’t be hard to find them, and I am pretty sure one of their young and eager staff would be willing to speak.


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    Robert Felten

    The following local company represented me, and got me at least two interviews for contract positions, the last one led to my current position. They are good at following through, rather than just sending out a million emails and never getting back to you. They might be interested in participating. You can mention my name if you contact them.

    Embedded Research Group
    Matthew Chummers
    Manager, Client Services
    2105 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 135
    Campbell, CA 95008
    Office: (408) 260-2600 x223 | Cell: (408) 829-5331
    Web Site:

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    Larry Polyak

    I talked with Tom Sons of of 408.246.5945
    He deals mostly with employees but does place contract workers and consultants as well.
    He is interested in participating.

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