Motion Sensing

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    Walt Maclay

    We’ve got a medical project where we would like to know the position of multiple sensors inside the body. One of the proposed solutions involves using magnetometers (or possibly just magnetic fields), gyroscopes, and accelerometers to accurately determine the position inside the body. We are looking for someone experienced with location algorithms and systems to help assist with this project. The ideal person has some experience implementing very accurate indoor based geo-location algorithms and understands the limitations of the technology. Someone who is just familiar with motion sensor chips will be considered.

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    William N. Buchele

    We’ve talked about a couple of projects in the past but we’ve never stuck a deal. Maybe this time it will work. I’ve worked on magnetic tracking systems for implanted medical devices and high accuracy VR tracking systems for many years. This is a complicated subject if you need high performance. Call me at my office 408-395-9180 or email me at if you are interested in pursuing a discussion.
    Bill Buchele

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    Shirish Patel

    I have been working on 9 DoF (axl+gyro+mag) devices from STMicro for motion tracking
    of wearables for physiotherapy patients. I do not believe this technology will work
    accurately enough for the small movements inside the body. Happy to share my thoughts, (650) 223-4567.
    Shirish Patel.
    Shirish Patel

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