Looking to Connect with People that have worked on Agile Based Projects

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      Carl Angotti

      Hi All,

      I am in the process of working on a paper on Agile Based Projects that involve New Product Developments on a project that uses Agile or Lean Project Management techniques to develop so called “Hybrid” projects. These projects can consist of the use of two or more of the following elements: Micro-controllers, User Interface Software, Firmware, FPGAs, Analog and Digital Hardware or Mechanical Engineering.

      I would like to discuss the use of these Project Management techniques in a practical engineering product development application, whether this method was successfully used, or the outcome was not as successful as anticipated.

      So far, I haven’t been able to find anyone involved in embedded control design that has had such an experience. If you had such an experience, please let me know so we can discuss it.


      Carl Angotti
      Angotti Product Development

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      Perry West

      I haven’t worked (knowingly) in hybrid projects. Earlier this week I attended a meeting at Sciforma in San Jose. They sell project management software that they claim works with waterfall, agile, and hybrid waterfall/agile. Perhaps this company could be a source of referrals to people who are working in a hybrid environment.

      Perry West, Automated Vision Systems, Inc.

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      Patrick Connolly

      Hi Carl,
      I suppose I could say “yes” to this question …would be willing to talk to you about it.


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      Bruce Rittenbach


      I have had secondary contact with several contractors and employees who work with Intel here in Portland. Intel strongly uses automated project management. The employees and most of the contractors hate it and would like to quit except for the money they making or will get when they retire. Engineers are forced to be managers of something they know nothing about. Engineers that are excellent in one area are made to work on something else that are ignorant about and hate. I’d love to see a blind survey of the software you are talking about. A great company could be made of the people who would love to leave I.

      Several years back I did a job with Trimble military in Sunnyvale. Because they used mil spec parts for their products and even in this case for the product tester that I built, they used Agile based tarts base for my tester. The Parts man there was an ME and kindly helped my with my parts — he even made a source equivilent lookup table in the Agile server that let me put in Digikey parts numbers and located the functional equivelent Agile
      part. Even back then the Agile operation was so complex to learn,, I couldn’t have done the project with out the parts guru.

      My personal sense of Project Management SW it making a powerful tool to be run by idiots.


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