Just released White Paper on Marketing Your Consulting Services Using Craigslist

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      Carl Angotti

      Hi Everyone,

      I have spent the last 1.5 years writing this white paper for the CNSV, and it has finally been completed. It shows a complete, step-by-step method on formally using Craigslist as one tool to promote yourself to potential clients. It was peer reviewed by eight other consultants, one that uses this method regularly. Later this year I may present a workshop on doing this for the CNSV, but you can get started now if you wish. You can get the paper by going to <a href=”http://www.angotti.com/cnsv&#8221; title=”Using Craigslist to Promote Your Engineering Consulting Practice http://www.angotti.com/cnsv .

      If you read it, I am interested in any feedback you might have about the paper, or the process.

      The table of contents is:

      Marketing Vs. Sales
      Marketing Overview
      Marketing Plan Start
      Pull Marketing
      On-Line Ad Basics

      Craigslist as an Ad Platform
      Characteristics of Craigslist Ad
      Market Research
      Generating Your Resume Like Ad
      Your Business Website
      Post Your Resume Like Ad On-Line
      An Ongoing Marketing Process
      Check your On-Line Listing
      Dealing with Spam
      An Ongoing Sales Process
      What Success Looks Like

      ============ End Table of Contents ========
      Carl Angotti
      Angotti Product Development
      PATCA Senior Certified Professional Consultant

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      Omar Fahmi Khalid

      Hello Carl,

      This is a very valuable resource. I’ve been looking for such write up for some time.

      Thank you very much to all who helped put this together and for sharing this knowledge.

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