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      Theresa Shafer

      One advantage, we have being in Silicon Valley is direct personal access to leading technology. The PATCA program committee would like to invite techonologists to speak at our evening meetings to encourage consultants to build relationships with them. One example, we did from last year was to have an ARM aps engineer, Bob Boys come and speak to us about automotive technology.

      Would you be interested in coming to a meeting such as this at a cost of around $35 including a buffet dinner?

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      Carl Angotti

      Hi Theresa,

      If the topic was very interesting, I would come to such a talk. This would be true if I sensed the talk might be of real value to me. I have a number of venues to learn about technology. I would also be OK if such talks didn’t dominate our inclination to provide consulting business education to our members, which I believe is our primary objective.

      Just my two cents worth.


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      James Bertonis

      Echoing others, if the topic was interesting, (and doesn’t necessarily have to be in my field) I would attend. If not likely no. An example of a good topic outside of our fields: A geologist discussing earthquakes, where the next one may strike, and what it will mean for the bay area…

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      Theresa Shafer

      I like that suggestion. Any others?

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      Larry Polyak

      I would attend. Can’t think of particular ideas though. Might want to tap into the expertise of members rather than look for outside speakers?

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      Keith Riordan

      I would attend. My preference is topics like “How we did X”, or “How to do Y”. A speaker from SpaceX discussing their technology would get me attend, even without the bufffet.

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