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    John Cooper

    What methods work for finding new clients ? Networking meetings are great, but typically the attendee’s are other consultants, not potential clients.

    Web presence – SEO – is good. What else ?

    What can PATCA do to help you find new clients ? Any suggestions for a new type of activity or web tool ?

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    Walt Maclay

    The way I find new clients is to network at events where there are people who may need my services. I spend time with those who may need my services and with others who meet people who need my services, such as service providers. I am then very helpful to people I connect with. I give them free advice and connect them with others with synergistic ideas. This has been very successful in generating growing referral business.

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    Rebecca Rounds

    In addition to live networking events, I use a blog to consistently post about topics of interest to my target audience, then use Hootsuite to re-post those to social media. Speaking engagements are great lead generation activities. I have social media company pages and engage in targeted conversations online. I ask existing/former clients to share testimonials online. During annual reviews with clients, I ask if they are happy, and if so who else do they know who could benefit from my services. I watch app for inquries about specific support requests. I recently discovered LeadPages for setting up individual landing pages to build an email list for a newsletter publication and plan to implement that within a year. I expect to write an eBook in the next year. I haven’t yet done a snail-mail campaign to targeted referral sources but I am thinking about it. Also in the idea box are video or podcasts to post online.

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    Larry Polyak

    Right now, PATCA requires references to become a Member or Certified Professional Consultant. it would be nice for us to be able to make use of those references on a person’s profile somehow. Or have a facility that allows client references that are more meaningful than the type found on Linkedin.

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    Rebecca Rounds

    Great point Larry! I will note that for Friday’s marketing committee brainstorming session.

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    Carol Mattsson

    My three best ways for finding new clients is I have favorable ratings on Yelp, referrals from existing clients, and referrals from a Meetup group.

    To get the Yelp reviews I ask clients at the end of a project if they would like to give me a review and I give them the URL to my Yelp page. Especially clients who came to me from Yelp or seem extra happy with my work.

    Referrals from existing clients are especially nice because they come with an already favorable opinion of me and are generally a good match for me.

    I belong to the Bay Area Joomla Meetup group. This is a group for web developers like me. At meetings, we are given opportunities to give short presentations on a web-development related topic, so we get to know each others’ areas of expertise. As Rebecca said, this presentation is like a speaking engagement but is only 10 minutes so requires less preparation and is less intimidating. The group leaders solicit referrals from potential clients and will occasionally refer one of the clients to me.

    I also thank PATCA and CNSV for their networking opportunities — I believe giving my elevator pitch at these events has helped me to win new clients.

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