Cold Calling is Dead??

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      Carl Angotti

      Hi All,

      I just read an article from Forbes Magazine entitled “How Inbound Marketing Killed Cold Calling” (See ). Most of us don’t use cold calling, but instead we do the “Warm Calling” suggested in this article. Check over the strategies he suggests for three basic methods to address this warm calling. Has anyone used any of these, and how does it work?

      We all also need to learn to do better of “Inbound Marketing”. He suggests methods as:
      “These warm prospects may have subscribed to your newsletter, downloaded a resource from your website, connected to you on social media, or watched a video about your product or service.”

      Any thoughts?

      Carl Angotti

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      Sean Murphy

      Most of the articles on the death of cold calling are written by content marketing firms that offer competing services.

      In my experience:

      • Cold calling is a highly specialized skill that involves making 50 attempts and 5-10 connects an hour. This is very stressful for most people and requires what is an unusually extroverted personality who can deal with considerable rejection. But there are degrees of “Cold calling” that fall below this level of effort.
      • Most of the cold calling efforts are just “appointment settings”
      • As consultants we sometimes have to all people we don’t know but we have been introduced to via email or voicemail.
      • Networking events require you to approach strangers and eat with them.

      It might be an interesting program to look at the “spectrum” of cold calling and what’s involved in phone calls, emails, and face to face introductions. I think the reality is that you sell with your ears.While it’s important that you have a strong opener I think what is perhaps harder is the ability to listen, diagnose, and provide specific tailored advice and detailed questions.

      Sean Murphy 408-252-9676

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