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    Larry Polyak

    Does anyone know if membership and listing in the Bluetooth SIG is required to use Bluetooth in a product? Membership is free but listings costs $4000 to $8000.

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    Scott Brenneman

    I assume that you’ve already dug into the website for the Bluetooth SIG, as there’s a lot of info there. I think the answer is generally yes, though it depends a bit on what “use” means. To get the logo I believe one needs that, though if you use a pre-certified module you can leverage their membership, I believe. Test labs which perform Bluetooth testing can also be a resource to tell you what’s needed.

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    Larry Polyak

    Yes I have read what I can but I am sure the SIG is slanted toward getting a membership. There is no need to use the BT logo, and yes am using a pre-certified module. Perhaps that vendor can advise.

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    Wendi Allen

    I worked on a BT product last year. According the research my client did, in order to use the BT logo, or even the word “Bluetooth”, you have to be a member. I recall my client telling me it cost him $12,000.

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    Walt Maclay

    You can develop Bluetooth without paying the fee to the Bluetooth consortium. To manufacture and use the Bluetooth logo someone needs to pay, usually the customer.

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