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    Larry Polyak

    I happened to see this on craigslist and thought someone might be interested.
    Are you a freelance developer in CA making over $100K/year?

    I’ve recently talked to 65 freelancers to learn about the way they work. Now I’m extending our research and talking to more freelancers. I’d love to talk you to learn about how you go about your taxes.

    Chat with me for 20 minutes and share your experience.

    You will get a $30 Amazon or Fandango gift card in exchange for your valuable time.

    I’m conducting 40 total research sessions within the next 14 days.

    Apply here: https://d9hmqh9j.paperform.co/?3spde=CLcomputergigLA-20min.

    If you’re eligible, I will reach out to you.

    1. Freelancer making more than $100K (be honest, please).
    2. Developer, Designer, Consultant or Photographers all okay.
    3. Sole proprietor or soloprenuers only!

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