Coding Breeds Collegiality & Boosts STEM Program

STEMMark Elgart is president and CEO of AdvancED , a provider of improvement and accreditation services to more than 32,000 schools and school systems across the U.S. and 70 countries.

To prepare for the world and the workforce, students need to learn more about themselves and what motivates them. They also need opportunities, both in and out of school, to apply what they are learning to real-world contexts. Not just the kinds of problems they’ll be tackling in their future careers, but also the ways in which they will address them as part of a team of highly skilled knowledge workers.

In the video above, Bay Area high school student Avi fondly remembers Super Mario Brothers—not as a diversion, but rather as an inspiration that could ultimately lead her to a career in software engineering as she learns how to code. “To think that somebody started out the same way we’re starting out right now, just coding simple things and it will come out to something amazing,” she says. […]