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Facebook Confronts The Free Internet Neutrality Dilemma

Facebook Confronts The Free Internet Neutrality Dilemma

What’s more important? Restricted free Internet access for the poor? Or maintaining an open, neutral Internet without limitations? This is the debate Facebook is having with the world via petitions to regulators, skeptical forums, and today, full-page newspaper ads. The subject of contention is Free Basics , Facebook and ‘s app that offers free […]

This Teddy Bear Could Expose Your Child’s Identity

This Teddy Bear Could Have Exposed Your Child’s Identity

Are smart toys worth the risk? That’s a question parents are asking themselves these days as they weigh the usefulness and delight that comes from cloud-connected toys, with the potential for them to be turned into spying devices, as was the claim against the Wi-Fi-enabled “Hello Barbie ,” or the possibility of massive leaks involving […]

Why Cloud Computing Will Shake Up Security

Why Cloud Computing Will Shake Up Security

As the curtain opens on 2016, you can expect massive changes in the security landscape. Technology providers such as firewall vendors, switching vendors and others will fade as new solutions better suited to the cloud computing environment emerge. On the flip side, companies that provide encryption and anti-malware technologies will continue to see their fortunes […]

Solving Security Threats For The Internet Of Things

Solving The Persistent Security Threats For The Internet Of Things

Ben Dickson is a software engineer and freelance writer. He writes regularly on business, technology and politics.  The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the security issues created in its wake have quickly captured the attention of governmental and regional bodies and consumers. According to a survey by Auth0 , more than […]

Cyber Insurance Skyrockets after Hacking Attacks

Insight: Cyber insurance premiums rocket after high-profile attacks

A lock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, is seen on an Internet Explorer browser in a photo illustration in Paris April 15, 2014. A rash of hacking attacks on U.S. companies over the past two years has prompted insurers to massively increase cyber premiums for some companies, leaving firms that are perceived to be […]

Information Sharing Key To Avoiding Cyberattack

Information Sharing Is Key To Avoiding A Cyberattack

President Obama’s recent extraction of a pledge from Chinese leader Xi Jinping that neither government would conduct or continue economic espionage in cyberspace, while important, still comes up far short of addressing the significant and growing global concerns about the potential for a 9/11-style cyberattack on critical financial sectors. Now more than ever, dramatically increased […]

Innovation Lab In Silicon Valley Vs. Sex Trafficking

Thorn To Set Up An Innovation Lab In Silicon Valley To Fight Child Sexual Exploitation

Putting children, let alone anyone who can’t fend for themselves, into harm’s way is a monstrosity. Every single day, media of all types, photos and videos being the most prominent, depicting children in sexual scenarios are being uploaded to sites and services all over the world. It must stop. But how? In 2009, an organization […]

Apple Blows Up The Concept Of A Privacy Policy

Apple Blows Up The Concept Of A Privacy Policy

Three years ago, a common human being interested in the privacy policy of a gadget or service it was using was a rare bird. With the revelation that a large amount of the communications and private data of both foreign nationals and native residents of the U.S. were being collected and scrutinized by the government, […]

How To Keep IoT Hackers Out Of Your Food & Farms

How To Keep IoT Hunters And Poachers Out Of Your Food And Farms

Karin Kloosterman is the CEO of flux , a smart device company that helps consumers grow healthier and safer food efficiently using hydroponics. How to join the network A drone equipped to “sniff” Zigbee flew over an Austin neighborhood in early August and found almost 1,600 devices. It’s a sign of how ubiquitous these technologies […]

Don’t Panic Over The Rise In Cyber-Attacks

Don’t Panic Over The Rise In Personal Data Theft

As internet and mobile services continue to rise in power and prominence in our personal and professional lives, so do the dangers and dragons lurking in the darkness of their shadows. And while yesterday’s science-fiction has become today’s reality, there is cause to be concerned that about every aspect of our lives can be discovered […]