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Plant DNA May Help Track Down Criminals

Plant DNA May Help Track Down Criminals

A new study shows how it is possible to trace marijuana plants back to their origins through DNA analysis. It may help law enforcement identify the where plants that enter the U.S. illegally came from. Criminals, beware: That pollen on your jacket could place you at the crime scene. While far less well-known than fingerprints, […]

Four Counter-Drone Technologies We Need Now

Four Counter-Drone Technologies We Need Now

As innovation goes, the idea of a trained bird of prey taking out a menacing quadcopter is hard to beat, as a Dutch law enforcement video recently showed. Peruse YouTube; there are hours of footage of birds of prey doing what may be the most elegant solution yet to what is becoming a vexing problem. […]

Is the U.S. Government Starting A Tech Civil War?

The U.S. Government Is About To Start A Tech Civil War… We’re Siding With Apple

Tim Cook’s open letter to customers about the FBI’s request to create a backdoor with iOS has set off a critical conversation about privacy in America. We too were shocked and saddened by the loss of life in San Bernardino. But the recent US magistrate order that Apple assist the US Government in unlocking the […]

FBI’s secret method to unlock iPhone may never reach Apple

FBI's secret method of unlocking iPhone may never reach Apple

The FBI may be allowed to withhold information about how it broke into an iPhone belonging to a gunman in the December San Bernardino shootings, despite a U.S. government policy of disclosing technology security flaws discovered by federal agencies. Under the U.S. vulnerabilities equities process, the government is supposed to err in favor of disclosing […]

Ending Patent Wars Will be a Boon to Tech

Ending patent wars will be a huge boon to the tech industry

  Earlier this month, Apple suffered an important legal defeat in its battle over patents with Samsung. It’s good because Apple’s claims were frivolous; its patents were questionable; and its use of litigation to hold back a competitor set another wrong precedent for the industry. Because of these patent wars and patent trolls, technology companies […]

Two Misconceptions In the Encryption Debate

The two misconceptions dominating the encryption debate

The Encryption Debate: Cyber security is a massive challenge affecting everyone –- start-ups, government, corporate systems and consumers, costing the global economy billions of dollars annually. Tragically, the one solution we are seriously considering — mandating encryption backdoors — will undermine the integrity of our networks, as confirmed by information security experts and the government’s […]

Google, Facebook & Microsoft File Brief Supporting Apple

Google, Facebook and Microsoft File Legal Brief Supporting Apple iPhone Encryption Dispute

A group of tech companies plans to file an amicus brief contesting government arguments that the All Writs Act, a broad 1789 law that enables judges to require actions necessary to enforce their own orders, compels Apple to comply with its request. (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s Google, Facebook Inc, Microsoft Corp and several other Internet […]

IoT Could Be Used To Spy, Admits James Clapper

IoT Could Be Used To Spy, Admits James Clapper

The latest high profile individual to debunk the notion that surveillance is at risk of ‘going dark’ in an age of increasingly robust encryption is none other than James Clapper, U.S. director of national intelligence himself. Clapper was submitting evidence to the US Senate as part of an assessment of threats faced when he made […]