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Entrepreneurs: Am I Making A Fool Of Myself?

Am I Making A Fool Of Myself? Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, 3 Early Customer Stage, checklist, Rules of Thumb, skmurphy One of the most common questions I hear in conversations with entrepreneurs at Bootstrapper Breakfasts, in Office Hours calls, with clients–and not infrequently from myself when […]

11 Tips for New Consultants

After releasing a few big products last week, we’re back to regularly-scheduled programming. This week, we’ll focus on the consulting lifestyle . Today’s post is on practical tips to being successful as a new consultant. A former manager once said to me, “do well in your first project, and you can write your own ticket […]

How Consultants Interview Clients: Tips

How consultants interview clients

Interview notes This week my team interviewed more than 20 people, everyone from VPs down to the analysts and clerks. The interviews were a gold mine of insights – especially since we were still in the early days of the project and collecting data. My throat was killing me, but these interviews helped us get […]

“Why Should I Do Business with You?”

How To Respond When Asked, “Why Should I Do Business with You?”

why should i do business with you The title of the article says it all when it comes to leading effective meetings. As the sales executive, you are the leader when meeting with clientele. False Start On occasion you may hear someone say, “I can talk to you now, but I only have a few […]

Discriminate Amongst Customers, and Be Proud of It

Why You Should Discriminate Amongst Customers, and Be Proud of It

Image credit: American Airlines When it comes to employees, or prospective employees, you shouldn’t discriminate. It’s against the law and not good business. But when it comes to your customers, you should absolutely, positively, frequently discriminate. Although we all want to feel that every customer is equal and loved, the fact is that all customers […]

10 Press Release Topics for Consultants


Press releases are a good way to get instant publicity for your consulting practice and also helps in SEO. Typically, they are e-mailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and/or television networks who might pick it up and do an article with it.  But I also find them effective for reaching buyers […]