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3 Gadgets Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

3 gadgets not quite ready for prime time

It’s 9 p.m. and you’ve finally gotten the kids in bed, leaving just enough time to prepare for tomorrow. You head into your home office and flick on the light, which also happens to be a Bluetooth speaker. The bulb reads out your schedule for the next day, and you realize you’re supposed to take […]

Transport entrepreneurs, please think outside the gearbox

Dear auto entrepreneurs, please think outside the gearbox

With Tesla’s growing popularity, Uber’s continued global expansion, incessant rumors of Apple’s entry into transit, the ascent of drones, Google’s exploration of self-driving cars and the billion-dollar sale of Cruise Automation to GM, the transport sector has never looked hotter for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a market that is measured in trillions, is filled with companies […]

Prevent Another Flint; Make Data Machine Readable

To Prevent Another Flint, Make All Open Data Machine Readable

Open data can help us, the people of the United States, prevent the next Flint.  More specifically, real-time, machine-readable, regularly reported open data that is transparent from collection all the way through analysis. We cannot and should not rely on the government to always keep us safe. Numerous pundits and industry experts have said this. […]

Why is the FCC Handing Google Your TV?

Why is the FCC Handing Google Your TV?

A new FCC rule would force TV providers to install a new box that would give tech companies like Google access to their programming. Regulation is supposed to protect us, whether from changing climate or lead in our water or speculators who crash financial markets. But the FCC has proposed a regulation that hands control […]

The App That Helps Blind People See

The App That Helps Blind People See

A new app combines artificial intelligence with a smartphone’s camera to tell users what colors, pictures and objects it is seeing. The first time Mark Edwards used Aipoly Vision, he cried. Edwards, 56 and legally blind since birth, had signed up as an early tester for the smartphone app that claims to help the visually […]

Health And Fitness Data Is Useless

Health And Fitness Data Is Useless

Data is hot right now. We generate tons of it, but most of it sits there, latent, unused and useless. This is particularly pronounced when it comes to health and fitness data, where we strap on our fitness trackers and expect the pounds to melt away with each step passively logged. But we haven’t seen […]

Asia’s mobile-first economy

Asia’s mobile-first economy and how the West is feeling the effects

Asia Pacific leads the global digital infrastructure as home to half of the world’s mobile phone subscribers and the largest number of wireless Internet connections. However, the region also has historically attracted less than one-third of global mobile marketing spend — making its role in the digital economy largely underrepresented amongst its Western counterparts. The […]

Gaze tracking Cogisen is eyeing the IoT

Why gaze tracking startup Cogisen is eyeing the Internet of Things

How will you interact with the Internet of Things in your smart home of the future? Perhaps by looking your connected air conditioning unit in the lens from the comfort of your sofa and fanning your face with your hand to tell it to crank up its cooling jets. At least that’s the vision of […]