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Finding Financial Health in the Gig Economy

Finding financial health in the gig economy

So, you’re cruising down the highway with your latest fare, making money whenever you choose to turn on your engine. But that 1099 economy you’re so fond of should come with a warning: Steep Drop-off Ahead. Why? Because with the gig economy comes an entire set of income volatility issues — and if you’re not […]

Will Most Jobs be Automated by 2065? Pew Research

Americans think most human jobs could be automated by 2065, finds Pew

Humans are nothing if not contrary. Technology destroying jobs is something most Americans accept will happen within their lifetimes, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center, just not to their own jobs — which most believe won’t change significantly in the next 50 years. Polling just over 2,000 Americans in June and […]

The Race To Mine Asteroids Gains Int’l Support

The Race To Mine Asteroids Gains International Support

Today, the Luxembourg Government announced that they are taking steps to become Europe’s hub for mining space resources. The small European country plans to establish the necessary legal and regulatory framework and invest in related research and development projects. They’re even considering investing in already-established asteroid mining companies like the U.S. based Deep Space Industries […]

The Politics Of The Internet Of Things

The Politics Of The Internet Of Things

The prospective scale of the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to fill anyone looking from the outside with the technical equivalent of agoraphobia. However, from the inside, the view is very different. Looked at in detail, it is a series of intricate threads being aligned by a complex array of organizations. As with […]

What Will The Internet Of Things Be When It Grows Up?

What Will The Internet Of Things Be When It Grows Up?

An old proverb advises, “Keep a thing seven years, and you’ll find a use for it.” Well, it’s been about seven years since there were officially more “things” connected to the Internet than people. It looks like they’re keepers, and we’ve found countless uses for them. Now that the Internet of Things (IoT) seems to […]

The Freelancer Generation

The Freelancer Generation: Why Startups And Enterprises Need To Pay Attention

Gone are the days of the 40-hour work week that kept us at work eight hours a day (I find that most startup founders or business owners in Silicon Valley work 50-60 hours a week). Freelancing is becoming the accepted norm of the startup world. As more startups are starting to use the millions of […]

5 Year Forecast: 5 Things That Will Disappear

5 Things That Will Disappear In 5 Years

5 year forecast: 5 things that will disappear.  Just five years ago the world was a very different place. In 2010, the iPad had just made its debut, Kickstarter was introducing a new form of venture capitalism that would change the face of fundraising and Square was letting vendors of any size accept payment with […]

New Rules For Our Health’s Digital Future

New Rules For Our Health’s Digital Future

New Rules For Our Health’s Digital Future:  Technology promises to transform healthcare. It’s redefining how we interact with, and act on, our health data, and reshaping how care is delivered and coordinated. But uptake so far has been limited, particularly among the elderly, those with chronic conditions and others who could benefit most from a […]