Entrepreneurs In Today’s On-Demand World

Can Entrepreneurs Succeed In Today’s On-Demand World?

Intuit recently released an eye-opening new survey reporting that there are currently 3.2 million American workers who participate in the on-demand economy. By 2020, it’s estimated that there will be almost 8 million of these on-demand workers. Many (including Intuit ) praise this on-demand movement as supporting a “new class of entrepreneur,” giving workers the tools they need to build their own businesses to work when they want and how often they want. A New Class Of Entrepreneur? A true “entrepreneur” is defined as a professional who takes on greater than normal financial risk to build a business for greater reward. Entrepreneurship is not simply defined by flexible work hours. An entrepreneur is someone who takes risks so that he or she can work to build a business offering goods or services, all the while maintaining and growing customer relationships, employing staff members and much more. There is no ceiling or limit to an entrepreneur’s potential, as the efforts and risks associated with starting a business are extremely high. The platforms that have fueled this on-demand economy have caused debate around whether they are actually empowering or enslaving members of today’s workforce. For service-based professionals, platforms like Uber , Handy , TaskRabbit , DogVacay and others offer quick ways for professionals to get new business and generate new sources of income. However, if you’re one of the millions of local home service professionals (e.g., cleaners, plumbers, dog walkers, etc.) looking to truly build a business, this on-demand world might not be the place for you. As an eager “entrepreneur,” the steps to realistically building a service business within the confines of this on-demand structure are more inhibiting than inviting. Platform And Availability Management To build toward a scalable service business, Pros needs to be […]