“A business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.”


By Bruce La Fetra.  Professor Drucker’s wisdom is more true today than ever. When your clients have easy access to information, you need to re-think why they do business with your firm. Evolving marketing into a strategic function at the heart of your firm requires a change in thinking. Studies of great companies show this approach leads not just to better marketing, but to a better business. Marketing at the core of a thriving business… ➚ Builds your business while allowing you to remain true to your profession ➚ Transforms you and your colleagues into natural marketers ➚ Wins more of the most profitable projects ➚ Engages your entire firm in building the business ➚ Takes your firm from good to Great . Are you content with the marketing you have because that’s all you’ve ever known? Marketing that does more, costs less and feels natural to professionals stretches what seems possible. It’s impossible to put your heart and soul into your marketing when you lack confidence that you have the right focus . Most consultants try to sell you on a specific, pre-determined course of action. When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Marketing is like everything else in life, doing a few things really well outperforms trying to do a bit of everything. A better approach is to jointly chart the best course to where you want to go based on your firm’s available resources and capabilities. Everything that doesn’t fit can be eliminated with confidence, leaving your firm with the resources to excel where it really matters. It’s easy to give lip service to focus, and then hedge your bets due to uncertainty about where to start. That’s not focus. Focus flows naturally when your guide is a comprehensive plan you fully understand. A […]

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