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PATCA is Silicon Valley’s longest operating non-profit professional association dedicated to serving independent consultants and the client companies that use them.  We set the quality standard for the consulting industry by requiring that all members pass a rigorous qualification process and adhere to a strict code of ethics. PATCA offers a free Post-a-Project referral service giving clients direct access to a network of the highest caliber management and technical consultants. We represent many areas of expertise in a broad array of disciplines, from biotech to marketing, human resources to engineering, software, firmware, and hardware design to cloud computing.  Serving the San Francisco California Bay Area and beyond.

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Featured Consultant: Charles Nolan

Why Startups Don't Need to FailCharles Nolan is consultant at Modular Energy Solutions. He is an advisor to CEOs & investors in market fit, product technology, and pivoting. He provides a complimentary exam of your executive summary.

He is founder of the Do-It-Yourself Accelerator, which is a graduate level curriculum with textbooks and mentoring that was created in response to an analysis of why 99% of startups fail.

His website has a rich portfolio of past projects: He was awarded US Patent # 4,845,426.

What others say about Charles:

“Chuck is professional and innovative. It is always a pleasure to work with Chuck, largely due to his wide perspective and lateral thinking, allowing for meaningful resolutions for any variety of issues.” – Josh Yenter

“While with Sea-Bird Electronics, I came to rely on Chuck to handle orders and coordinate deliveries for our accounts in Russia. He was a pleasure to work with.” – Andy Ziewied

“Chuck is the most idea savvy executive that I have ever the pleasure of working with. He is brilliant in his ideas to assist team members while gently focusing on the objectives and managing cost. Thanks for being a wonderful “teacher” and businessman.” – Don Clark

“Chuck is a passionate mentor to startups and a small business consultant. He highly values and depends on specialists in attempting to stem the delays in emerging technologies caused by extremely high rates of startup and product failures. I am really looking forward to the curriculum and the mentoring team he is building for a Do-It-Yourself accelerator.” – Ramesh Dewangan

How does PATCA help businesses Get the Expert Edge? Here is what our clients say:  “I was able to fill a key position on our team for a difficult project”,  “great Bay Area resource for consultants”,  “Once I know (a consultant) is in PATCA, they are 60 yards down the field already…”,  “…inspired confidence”,  “…more credibility”, “I have been turning to PATCA for consulting help for years…”