3 Things Tech Has Right vs The Medical Industry

Three Things The Tech Industry Has Right And The Medical Industry Has Wrong

It seems like there’s no shortage of online apps and services to make life and business easier. You can stream movies in your own home, pay parking tickets with the tap of a finger and plan a world adventure from the comfort of your couch. But when it comes to healthcare, you’re living in the past. While medicine is better than it has ever been before, and companies are making remarkable strides in life-saving — or life-improving — medical devices, there’s a long way to go. In the same, tried-and-true path, devices keep chugging along in R&D, clinical trials and applying for approvals in the U.S. and abroad. There are many things healthcare companies do well when it comes to medical technology, such as testing for safety in humans, documentation and design. And there are a lot of things they fail at — and could learn from some of the leading consumer tech juggernauts today. Be open with data Working in gastric science, tackling obesity and weight loss, I’m sure my company has done studies and experiments to solve problems and investigate questions that others have already solved — perhaps many times, because obesity and weight loss are fairly well-studied. This is because almost all data generated by pharmaceutical and medical companies are kept under lock and key. It’s only the beginning in data sharing for healthcare, and there’s no widespread open-source movement or Elon Musk figure releasing patents into the wild yet. This means incredible startup costs for a new company or device, but it’s also pretty terrible from a consumer perspective; we put our users through the ringer over and over again to study the same things. Of course, some data and information should be kept private. But imagine a world where medtech innovators could avoid reinventing […]